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The Intimacy Men Need But Don’t Know They Need

All of us are “needy men” because God made us to need intimacy. We’re not miniature gods. We need food or we’ll starve. We need water. No one shames a person for these needs. Nor should we be shamed for wanting meaning, recreation, relationship, respect, occasional fun and sexual pleasure. Learn the intimacy men need.

Saying “I Was Wrong” Can Transform Your Marriage

Saying "I was wrong" creates a humble heart that allows the Holy Spirit to work in and through us. This can transform your marriage.

10 Reasons Your Wife Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

I have a lot of guys who read the blog, and I get tons of emails from guys, and the most common problem I hear about is, “my wife doesn't want to have sex!” So today I want to present 10 of the most common reasons I’ve come across why a woman may say “no."

Boring Marriage? What Should You Do?

What should you do if you feel like you have a boring marriage? You might not connect "intimacy, passion, connection" with "reading a book."

7 Marriage Tips You Won’t Hear In Church

I spent most of my time with Christian people. I was told much about marriage. But here are 7 marriage tips I never heard in church.