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Married Sex: “How Do I Meet My Husband’s Needs?”

Wives: We encourage you to invest in your husband. Love him. Meet his needs—for his sake and for the sake of your marriage. How can you do that? Pick a few of the following suggestions, and begin the process of having a great married sex life.

4 Ways to Dig Marriage Roots That Last a Lifetime

I can’t fix everything in my marriage but there are a few things I can control. Here are 4 ways I can “strengthen the roots” of our marriage.

Staying Power: 5 Signs Your Marriage Will Make It

People often ask us, how can I tell if my marriage has staying power? Sometimes it can be hard to tell, but here are 5 keys.

Junk Food and Junk Sex Are Scarily Similar

We punish fast food restaurants, but leave the multi-billion dollar porn industry flourishing. The truth is, "junk sex" is killing us.

Why You Should Have An Accountability Partner

Every accountability partner relationship that I’ve ever seen endure, did so because the two (or more) people were friends; not because they enjoyed going on a sin-hunt.